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Athlete Sponsorship

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A Call to Illuminate the Stars

Athlete Sponsorship

This November…

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A Call to Illuminate the Stars

Athlete Sponsorship

This November, the spotlight shines brightly on us, as Palm Beach County proudly becomes the epicenter for the Miracle League All-Star weekend. It’s not just an honor—it’s a colossal responsibility.
Over 125 spirited athletes hailing from 24 states, even reaching as far as Mexico, will gather here on the weekend of November 5th. This is a once in a lifetime experience for these All-Stars and their families.
Our mission: To craft a weekend so memorable, so extraordinary, that its etched into their hearts forever.

Join Our Championship Team 

By sponsoring an athlete, you will ensure that we can provide each one of them with a grand celebration.  Filled with food, entertainment, a comfortable stay, exciting ball games and heartwarming moments. 

 For only $500 you can make this event truly unforgettable for everyone.

 🪄When You Sponsor an Athlete, Here’s the Magic You Unleash: 

Connect: Stand face to face with brilliance. Meet your sponsored athlete, capture that cherished moment with a professional photo, and treasure their signature.

Exclusive Invites: Be our esteemed guest for the Friday night All-Star celebration and revel in the spirit of unity and sportsmanship. Plus, be there, front and center, for every game on Saturday.

Recognition: Your generosity will not go unnoticed. You will be celebrated in our event program, and on the jumbotron Friday night, as testaments to your heart of gold.

A Token of Our Appreciation: To remember this journey, we’re gifting you a laser-engraved, custom bat. 

It’s more than a bat—it’s a symbol. To display it with pride in your home or office.

 ogether, let’s offer these athletes not just a weekend but a constellation of memories. 

Join us. Make these stars shine even brighter! 🌟🌟🌟

Sponsorship Contact: Jeff Kadel 561-350-5626

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